> Erasmus+ projects:

  • STRACOV. Strategic cooperation in the field of elderly carte vocational training, facusing on involvement of socio-economic actors. Coordinated by Global Help (Romania):
  • The New Educations i Promoting Transversal Skills. Coordinated by Asociata EDULIFE (Romania)
  • PARSOL. Participation of Refugees into Social Life. Coordinated by USAD (Turquia)
  • Aladdin and the Intergenerational Lamp. Coordinated by Elan Interculturel. (França)
  • Love Power of Nature. Coordinated by YASAD (Turquia)

Grundvig Course:

Development of Participative Democracy and Active Citizenship. (Barcelona)

Senior Mobility:

Development of the Local Society through exchange of experiences between a group of elderly people. (Varde community. Denmark)

Local Projects:

A research on the training needs of the unskilled workers over 45 years old. The funds for this project are provided by FORCEM (the institution for continuous training in Spain) and ESF.

> The REINS project: Occupational training course for unemployed workers on Internet and Teleworker. Promoted by the Worker’s Department of Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian Government) and ESF.
> We have a project ARRISCA’T, which intends to adapt the “Trenca” experience. Adopted to Fundació Propedagògic. (Barcelona)
> The “Trenca”, (Break-off) programme, aimed to youth from 15 to 20 years old who are in risk of social exclusion. The programme tries to provide them with social and labour orientation. It is supported by funds from the Barcelona’s Province Council.
> We have developed an inform about youth for the local Council of Cornellà de Llobregat (city with around 80.000 population): Youth in Cornellà. Inform about young people among 12 and 16 years old.
> The research project: L’interculturalitat a Escoltes Catalans. Financing to Fundació Jaume Bofill (Barcelona)
> DEMÀ is responsible for the management of the Cornellà Young Volunteers Information Desk, in agreement with Municipality of Cornellà de Llobregat.
The Socrates-Grundtvig 1 Project’s
> Mobility 55 (Lunària, Italy)
> Citoyens d’Europe: Formation des cadres des organisations d’Education Permanente (ACCS, Belgium)
> NOVAFORM: Une nouvelle approche de l’ingenierie en Formation (CAFOC. França)
> CHAGAL. Curriculum Guidelines for access programmes into higher education for underrepresented adult learners (Wiener Universitäten. Austria)
> Community Centres promoting Sustainable Living (University of Malta. Malta)
> IPLD. Inclusive Practices for Learners with Disabilities (CKU. Poland) Participative Democracy through Collaborative Learning. Fritid & Samfund. Denmark)

GINCO. Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers. (Alden Biesen. Belgium)

The Socrates-Grundtvig 2 Project’s
> Immigrant Language LearningEnsenyament d’idiomes a immigrants– (Signum Sprachenschulen, Alemanya)
> Adult Education – Key to development in our Regions (Soros Educational Center. Romania)
> Learning for New Oportunities (Menningar-or fraedslusambannd althydu. Island).
> “16+(CESI. Bulgaria)
> Advocates of the people with disabilities(EuroEd. Romania).
> COMEDU-EU (Arbeit und Leben. Germany)

Learning Parents. (Sehit Selçut Gökdag Okulu. Turquia)

WISE. Working through Intergenerational Senior Empowerment. (Elan Interculturel. France)

European History through Castles. (LUR Slovenia)

The Leonardo da Vinci project
> ADULT GUIDANCE FOR EDUCATION: Training for trainers (Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia)
> We are participating as partners in diverse Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects for placements and Spanish language courses: “Marco Polo” (promoted by Euroform RFS, Italy); “Nepetinus” (promoted by the Amantea Council, Italy); “ETIB” (promoted by Istituto P. Boselli , Savona, Italy); “Diversamente abili” (Eta-beta. Torino. Italy); “·Mercurio 2000” (Formazione 80. Torino.Italy) “Fundaçao da Juventude” (Lisboa, Portugal); “Free Moves” (Arbeit und Leben. Hamburg. Germany), “Fit for European Care” and “Mobility Office for Students in Care”, (AWO Germany), etcVALIDATION OF KNOWLEGDE, SKILLS AND COMPETENCES ADQUIRED…(ABU. Germany)
Other European project’s
> The ZAIRA Project European Union, DG Occupation and Social Affairs. (Nuova Ricerca Agenzia RES. Italy)
> We collaborate in project BON VEÏNATGE (Good Neighbours) promoted by Municipality of Barcelona from European project.
> XarxaEduGrant, the local network to PEFETE (European network for senior citizens’ education)
PEFETE: Project. ENEA program. (Thessaloniki Municipality. Greece) go to Work, Children go to School (Yenikoy Educational Association i Tokageder. Turkey)

Networking Europe. (Tokageder. Turkey)

Creative Teachers training for Suport of Cultural and Social Inclusion of Roma Children at School. (NIOSKO. Bulgary)